The Storytellers


Sofia Aguilar

Founder of La Colectiva. The agency bears the hallmarks of everything she holds dear: Peer collaboration, mutual beliefs and a return to clean, integrated storytelling to build the most effective brands possible.

She was SVP Executive Creative Director at MGSCOMM, where she was responsible for managing all creative operations for the agency’s client partners, such as Florida Power and Light, Southeast Toyota, ITT Technical Institute, Florida Lottery and Merck, among others.

Her career in advertising led to prestigious industry accolades including Clios, New York Festival, London International and FIAP. The depth of creative work includes breakthrough campaigns for major worldwide brands Heineken, AVON, Procter & Gamble, The Coca Cola Company, The New York Department of Health and Time Warner Cable.

Sofia was born in Mexico. She moved to New York in 1997 and is a proud NYC mom. She is a copywriter at heart and still finds time to work on her personal writing as well as her Huffington Post Blog.


ab2Abraham Espinosa

Founder of La Colectiva. His observant, intuitive mind enables us to land different ideas in the right places. Perhaps that’s why he refers to himself as the agency’s “mid-field player”.

Over the last 20 years, Abraham has directed and developed design projects in Interactive and Social Media, Multimedia Installations, Online communities, E-commerce, Digital Journalism and Art Online in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the United States.

His creative vision extends to such diverse areas as The Arts, Architecture, Telco, Consulting, Advertising, Government Entities, Fashion, Retail and Journalism.

Abraham’s work has been recognized and featured in numerous design festivals, including the Media Arts Festival in Japan, One Show Awards, AAF-ADDYS Awards and Clio Awards.



Ramón Aguilar

Ramon started as our mentor and one year later he became our Partner and Chief of Operations.

After a lifetime of major successes and having been CEO of many renowned companies in Mexico City such as Cervecería Moctezuma, Cipsa de México, Acco Mexicana, Garci Crespo – San Lorenzo, Prolesa and Carnet (where he developed his skill in technology and the then new world of electronic payments).

As CEO of SiVale Electrónico for 11 years he partnered with every major supermarket change in Latin America and, along with his team, built a multi-million dollar operation and the leader in its field.

Ramon was the pioneer of the electronic voucher and after leaving SiVale he partnered with OPAM (its competition) overseeing profitable growth. He recently spearheaded its merger with the biggest Electronic Voucher company in Europe.

He is known in the entrepreneurial world as “a captain that rescues sinking ships” but in this case he decided his next move would be bringing his technology knowledge and administrative expertise to La Colectiva.


gorkaGorka Meneses

Gorka has worked both sides of the fence –client and agency, for well-known agencies and consultancies and for some of the world’s top brands. He has directed branding, advertising, digital and unconventional communication projects in the US, Europe, and Latin America as well as successfully executed projects with worldwide reach.

Lecturing conferences, workshops and courses on Internet and New Media, Branding and Marketing Strategy.




Mariana Ramirez

Mariana is Senior Art Director at La Colectiva and she was the first one to join us in our journey, so she’s like one of us.

Her impeccable taste combined with a quirky outlook of the world make up for a very surprising designer. She can go from being funky – to serious and corporate – due to her in-depth understanding of how every design is supposed to tell a story.

Mariana is a master perfectionist who’s also a little crazy which is why she makes for an amazing storyteller.

She has 15 years of experience doing Branding and Digital Design, for editorial, fashion, food, retail and kids brands, among others.

Mariana loves what she does, she always tells people that she couldn’t do anything else in the world, that is why she’s also a great teacher an mentor.



Monica Cervantes

Monica has always loved to see the world “behind the cameras.”

She is a producer at heart – she loves to be involved from A to Z in every project she puts her hands on – and she knows how to transform chaos into peace. She knows how to keep all of us in line and in time.

Her first job was working in production with Pedro Torres, back in the time of the grandiose video-clips and huge campaigns. She attended film school in UCLA and started working in the film business as a Director’s Assistant for various IMCINE projects.

10 years ago she returned to Advertising working as a Senior Producer and now she heads our production division at La Colectiva.

Monica is also a photographer and continues to study under the mentorship of Photographer Mary Ellen Mark, whom has taught her that there’s nothing better than looking at a picture that reflects “exactly” the way you see life.



Arturo León

Arturo specializes in web development, maintenance, and trouble-shooting, which requires him to pay extra attention to details. Always on the look out for common sense solutions, Arturo brings this approach to everything he does. He gets his inspiration from biking around Mexico City and staying on top of the latest technological innovations in web development. Arturo has over 8 years professional experience in his field.


bio6Adriana Medina

After working more than 18 years in accounting, finance, and human resources, Adriana took some time off to get married and start a family. During her time off she maintained her professional life by working part time for a family business. Now, she is back to work full-time, crunching numbers in her capacity as our general accountant.


sinuhe_1Sinuhé Vargas

Sinhue began his career as a writer for digital platforms. At home with digital media and content, Sinhue came to La Colectiva directly from Editorial Contendio where he was assigned with the challenge of giving their digital presence a new structure and look. Sinhue believes that data analysis is the key to social media and web success. His previous experience was at El Universal newspaper, and


regina-1Regina Garza

Regina views design as a way to experience innovation on a daily basis. Her experience as a designer includes branding, editorial design and packaging. She joined the digital world by applying her design skills to websites, blogs, and apps. These qualifications led her to her current position as a Senior Art Director at La Colectiva. Regina has worked in Barcelona and New York. Outside her professional life Regina maintains her creativity through two of her passions, photography and art history.


fer_1Fernando Díaz Barriga

Fernando recently added to his extensive knowledge of marketing and tech communication with a diploma in computer technology. His range of experience includes marketing adviser for educational institutions and marketing for a well known watch company. Fernando is a storyteller at heart and brings his love of traveling, telling jokes and foodie knowledge to his approach to marketing and branding.


pith_1Pedro  Pérez

Pedro received his degree in computer engineering at UNAM. He has over 15 years experience in the areas of information and technology, specializing in infrastructure development and customer services. He has worked for IBM, IMSS, SiVale and OPAM. He is as quick with offering tech solutions and solving time management issues, as he is with a smile. Pedro is our resident problem-solver.



Verónica Martínez

Veronica studied Visual Communication and Design and recently completed a specialty in design technologies. She has worked professionally in digital design including web and mobile design. Her experience also includes working on projects in independent media, cultural institutes, and museums. She also has experience in photography and editorial design. Veronica has recently been concentrating on the implementation of user-centered design. She is passionate about digital design and ICT and keeping up with all the latest technological trends. She loves gadgets, photography, art, culture – everything and every story the modern urban environment has to offer.


artur_1Arturo Ibarra  

Arturo began his career as a costume designer and is our resident trend forecaster. Applying an intellectual approach to the colliding worlds of fashion, entertainment and art he is able to tell us what is happening and what is on the verge of happening. Our clients value his insider knowledge of fashion and his ability to translate that into a broader context and more specifically to their needs. Arturo admires the multi-faceted art of Picasso and the playful spirit of Jeff Koons.